Big Sur: Henry Miller Library

The Henry Miller Memorial Library is in the heart of Big Sur on Highway One.

Rather than a typical library, it operates more as a bookshop + coffee/tea stop during the winter & spring, and as an event space (film screening, musical performances, book signings, lectures, etc.) during the summer & fall.

Once you step foot on the property, you can immediately sense that this space is a gathering place for artists. It is a whimsical space, with a piano outside, various sculptures, and a ping-pong table too!

I fell in love with the interior decor of the bookshop. There were books suspended from the ceilings, and a makeshift curtain made out of different currencies. And lots and lots of framed posters and art work.

We're hoping that we get to visit during the summer next time, to catch a musical performance. We've heard that the Red Hot Chili Peppers have performed there in the past. I wonder if they kept it mellow or if they rocked out in the forest? Haha.

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