Hearst Castle: Library

Ahh, the library {insert heart emoji here}. Doesn't it look like a room that would be in Hogwarts?

Like the guestrooms, I was in awe and in love with the ceilings in this room. Like, how can I get a ceiling like this? What's the process? Does it make any difference in terms of sound echoing and bouncing around the walls when multiple people are talking? Side note: we had to keep our voices to a minimum and only could speak one at a time or whisper, so I couldn't tell if the shapes of the ceilings made any difference to the projection of sounds.

I think this is the one room that I just tuned out the tour guide completely because  I was so awestruck with the space. I know, the style is very excessive and ornate...and typically I'm more of a mid-century modern gal, but it's just amazing the amount of work the craftsmen put into this place to make everything by hand.

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  1. Yes! It does look like Hogwarts. Now I must do a Harry Potter movie marathon :) I love libraries rooms like this. I can get lost in it for hours!

  2. I lovelovelove libraries!! And I'm in love with this one, look
    at the beautiful ceiling!! ice pandora

    1. Yes, all of the design details in the ceilings in this estate are so intricate and beautiful!