Hearst Castle: Indoor Pool

The Hearst Castle indoor pool was our last stop before we hopped on the bus to get back to the visitor's center, and my, this is indeed my favorite space at the Hearst Castle. It is modeled after the ancient Roman Baths, complete with marble sculptures of Greek deities, marble pool ladder, and detailed mosaic tiles. It is, in one word, breathtaking.


Not pictured, but worth stating: on top of this pool is a tennis court. Seriously, if I was lucky enough to be one of Hearst's guests to stay at this Estate back in the day, I imagine it would've felt like I was constantly in a dream. Kinda reminds me of a modern day take on the story of urashima taro, a Japanese folklore.

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  1. gorgeous gorgeous pool! i'll have to read bout the folklore later! bookmarking!

    1. It's a serene place for some reason, even with the bustling crowd and flashing cameras. I would love to take a dip in that pool at dusk!