Being Japanese-American, a lot of my peers in my grade school years automatically assumed that my favorite food was sushi, that I would be a math wiz, and my hobby would be to do origami. Well, most of that is not true, although I do enjoy quality sushi for a special occasion! But truth be told, I am horrible at using chopsticks (like...the worst. It's quite embarrassing), and I've only recently developed a taste for wasabi. I did fine in math and science but my favorite subjects were social studies and language arts. I don't know how to fold any origami by heart, and the end product doesn't come out nearly as neat as my mom could ever fold them. 

Although I am not very good with origami, I tried my hand with them in hopes that Jane from Winding Ridge Lane can use them towards the 1000 cranes she is making and collecting for her 17 year-old cocker spaniel, Piri. Piri was diagnosed with kidney disease two years ago and more recently, he has been diagnosed with cancer. Jane began folding cranes to follow the legend with the hopes of exchanging one wish for 1000 cranes.

We are all rooting for you, sweet pup! Stay strong. 

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  1. Louie, you're so thoughtful! ;)
    I just love jane & piri and my heart just breaks for them! I made some cranes awhile back (definitely had to youtube it! lol) and have been meaning to make a few more.

  2. Ah this made me cry! Thank you so much. I got the ones you sent via mail. I am so very very touched. xx Oh and I am also very terrible at using the chopstick! I am probably the one Korean student who didn't take calculus in high school! and I was terrible at origami! :)

    1. It was my pleasure! I will continue to try to fold more -- hopefully my cranes won't look as clumsy once I continue to fold them.

      lol I took calculus in high school but didn't understand ANYTHING. Haha. My friend, who was a year younger and a junior at the time, had to help me every week. And even then, I struggled!