Fun Valentine's Day Ideas On A Budget

Valentine's Day is around the corner! Do you celebrate it with your significant other, with your family, or have a galentine's day with your gal pals?

Valentine's Day sometimes rub people the wrong way because some may associate it with a "Hallmark holiday," but in actuality, you can still stay on budget and have a fun and memorable time.

Here are some ideas that can apply for any couples, families, and/or friends to enjoy Valentine's Day without breaking the bank that aren't too cheesy:

1) Whip up some easy french toast, fruits, and coffee and enjoy breakfast in bed

2) Have a Netflix marathon of your favorite movies/shows, order pizza, and have a sleep over. 

3) Bake cookies together. 

4) No oven? No problem. How about chocolate covered strawberries?

5) Go on a scenic hike. Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view. 

6) Flowers can be expensive, especially on Valentine's Day. Make a DIY succulent gift.

7) Whatever you do, focus on the person you're spending time with and enjoy the moment together!

I'm especially excited about Valentine's Day this year because it falls on Sunday, and for most people in the U.S., the following Monday is a holiday! Woo-hoo! Which means more time to spend with your loved one(s)!

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  1. We usually keep it pretty low key. We used to buy cards, but we've sorta stopped that. Brandon does cook me dinner (even though its just spaghetti lol) and sometimes he will make chocolate covered strawberries too! Kind of loving the breakfast in bed idea... might have to drop a few hints! ;)

    1. I love that your husband cooks dinner for you on Valentine's! That is so sweet :)

  2. These are great ideas! All quite simple to execute but very fun

  3. it's pretty low key for us too. actually i don't think we really celebrate. for a while we did a special dinner (take out!) and watched TV and spent it with Piri. this year will probably be the same thing. lol but i love the idea of going out and going on a hike and enjoying the outdoors.

    1. We usually order take out from one of our favorite restaurants or get pizza too! I think this year, we may end up doing all of the above since we have the 3 day weekend too :)

  4. super cute ideas, most of the things doesn't even have to be exepensive. Doing these thing you listed, are just as amazing as that. Or even better hehe. I love the ideas, so keep it up!!

    A C Y H O Z - blog

  5. Fun and sweet, not too cheesy ideas c:
    Lucky you guys have a longer weekend!
    Xx Ice Pandora

  6. I didn't really end up doing too much today -- went and made bagels this morning and a cake tonight!

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