Half-day Itinerary: Downtown Los Angeles

Do you have a friend you've known for years, yet you find something interesting and new about her every time you speak to her? Well, that's how I feel about my home city, Los Angeles. Oftentimes, I stay within the beach areas surrounding Los Angeles and rarely venture out into the heart of Los Angeles during my off-days. So this weekend, my husband and I set forth on a half-day trip to downtown Los Angeles (DTLA).

On our agenda:

1) Grand Central Market
2) The Last Bookstore
3) Anywhere else within the vicinity that we might stumble upon

It's been almost a year since I last visited the Grand Central Market and my, they have so many more eateries now! 

My husband has been wanting to try Eggslut, so that's where we headed. The line was about 20 to 30 minutes, but it moved relatively fast because we got there around 9:30 am (I guess that's considered early on a Sunday?). We ordered the "slut," which is a coddled egg on top of a smooth potato puree in a glass jar, and a freshly squeezed orange juice. The photo doesn't do much justice but it was delicious; I'm typically not a runny-egg-type, but it was so creamy, decadent, and just downright creative.

Not pictured, but we also shared an asada taco from Tacos Tumbras a Tomas. For just $3, they give you a huge heaping scoop of protein, toppings (onions & cilantro), and your choice of spicy or mild salsa, all on top of double tortillas. They even give you two extra tortillas, so we were able to make it into two taco portions for the price of one. Coming from someone who loves street tacos, this place is legit.

Now that our stomachs were full and happy, we headed to a few different shops. It was actually neat walking around several blocks in DTLA, as we rarely experience our city on foot since we are such a car-driven community. For example, we came across this street art of Mario that we would've probably missed had we been driving instead. 

We also stumbled upon a farmer's market (not pictured) and pet a few friendly dogs along the way too (also not pictured).

We were both getting a bit tired from the walking, but I really wanted to take my husband to The Last Bookstore. A few years back, my friends took me there and I thought it was one of the coolest stores I've ever been in (maybe akin to the Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon). 

I mean...This is a book lover's dream! <3

They have tons and tons of books --ranging from collectibles/first and second editions to popular fiction and even used books! They also have an area dedicated to vinyl records and gifts. Upstairs, they have a few ateliers for artists and vintage collectors that either use the space for their studio/gallery or sell their goods. My husband purchased a humorous pin that describes me to a T from one of the stores.

We ended the day by circling back to the iconic Angels Flight. The Angels Flight funicular transported people up and down the steep slope between Hill and Olive streets in early 1900's. It was dismantled in the late 60s due to an "urban renewal." Reconstruction began in the mid 90s, but was shut down about a decade later due to a fatal accident. Since then, it seems like it's been repaired and re-opened, then re-evaluated and temporarily has closed again.

What is the heart of your home city like?

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  1. I need to get to that bookstore! How neat :) and that pin is hilarious!!

  2. The "slut' dish looks and sounds very interesting!

  3. Lovely post! So bummed I didn't know about any of these three places when I was in LA a few years back. Hope you had an amazing time!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  4. I have heard of Powell's Books! It's on my list to visit!

    7% Solution

    1. Powell's Books is *so* fun!!! My friends and I spent at least a few hours in there <3

  5. I saw Eggslut somewhere at this vacation tv-show and
    I so so so want to go there :P the coddled egg looks good!
    And the bookstore looks beyond stunning <3 I can get lost
    for hours I think c: Xx
    ice pandora

    1. The coddled egg was delicious and it's not like anything I've ever had before!

  6. That's kind of how we are... we always seem to head to the beach, especially in the summer. I miss the "city" vibe, so I'm hoping to explore Norfolk a little more this year.... or at least until the Summer hits! ;)