29 and 364 days

Today is my last day in my twenties. Above is a photo from tonight. Tomorrow, in just a few hours, I'll be the big three-oh!

Big events from my twenties:
1) college
2) moving out of my parents' nest
3) transitioning from a full-time student to full-time worker
4) becoming an aunt 
5) purchased a car registered under my name
6) adopting Louie, our beagle 
7) marrying my soul mate & best friend 

During my twenties, I grew into my own person. Still awkward and a little shy, but no longer afraid to speak my mind and stand firm with my beliefs. 

Twenties, you threw some challenges my way, but overall, you have been great to me. Thank you. I look forward to what my thirties may bring... ❤︎ 


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Hi there! My husband and I are newlyweds ♥ We adopted our beagle, Louie, in 2011. This blog allows me to chronicle our lives together as a family. Thank you for stopping by! WWW.KIDGRANNY.BLOGSPOT.COM


  1. Hey Cindy!! Happy birthday ^___^
    You're a wonderful and beautiful person,
    keep smiling c: And that's a really nice
    list of achievements in your twenties ;)
    Xx Ice Pandora

  2. Happy belated birthday Cindy! So many milestones in your twenties, so should be so proud. May your thirties be even more fabulous!