Matching Leather Goods From Lucy & Co.

When you were in grade school, did you ever exchange those cliche "best friend" heart necklaces?

I did, with my childhood BFF at the time. At one point, one of us lost it while we were playing on the jungle gym, and we went to the front of the class and asked the other kids, "If anyone finds a necklace charm that says 'Be Fri,' please kindly return it to us!"(the other charm said 'St Ends' so when you put the two charms together, it would form a heart that read 'Best Friends').

We never found the lost charm. It was a bit disappointing at the time, but we quickly moved on to exchanging friendship bracelets in the third grade, having matching wallets in the fifth grade, and to eventually coordinating (but not matching) our outfits in the sixth grade. 

After then, I can't really recall another time when my friends and I exchanged matching things to one another {other than the times we were in a bridal party together}. I guess it's one of those things that we latch on to when we're in grade school and then we eventually grow out of.

Or...Maybe not.

I was recently looking for a leather collar for our beagle, Louie. At the back of my mind, I thought, "It would be so awesome if I could somehow have some type of jewelry that would use the same leather so I could match with Louie. Something that we can both grow into, respectively." Then that little thought bubble engulfed my brain for a bit and I prowled on the web to find a classy, matching leather collar (for the dog) + leather jewelry (for the human), a modern-day BFF accessory, if you will.

I found the perfect combination of leather collar + leather bracelet through Lucy & Co. The design and finishing touches are timeless, and I love the natural tan color. I am so happy with my purchase. We'll wear it for years to come. 

P.S. Lucy & Co. also re-posted our photo on their instagram page!

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  1. So so cute! And I totally had those best friend necklaces I shared with my girlfriend. Now I have a BFF charm with Piri! lol

    1. Thanks, Jane! I'm glad you also have a BFF charm with Piri! My husband gave me the side eye when I showed our BFF status to him. Haha.

  2. Awwww what a lovely gesture I think c:
    Nice matching charm with your Louie!
    I think she likes it a lot as well!
    Xx Ice Pandora