Y and T Wedding

It's been nearly a month since Y and T tied the knot!

I think all weddings are special, but I truly loved how much Y and T's wedding reflected Y's style. I might have mentioned it here before, but Y is a romantic, girly-girl. Anyone who knows her knows that her favorite color is pink, she loves lace, and has a weakness for  all things "cute." When you scroll down to the images, you'll see what I mean. She is also naturally crafty and artistic, so her wedding had a lot of DIY details. Y& T's wedding felt very warm, inviting, and happy -- a true reflection of how much people love and support their union.

I am so happy that Y found her prince charming with T!




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  1. Weddings do make me so happy. Beautiful bride and celebration!

  2. I love weddings and attending one c:
    Congratulations to the newly wed ^_^
    She looks beautiful c:
    Ice Pandora

    1. I bet if and when you plan your own wedding, there will be a lot of DIY elements since you are also naturally crafty and talented!

  3. Gorgeous wedding and couple! I love weddings so much