Sewing class #3: Tote Bag (finished product)

It turns out that there wasn't much more to do from where I last left off to complete the tote bag! All I had to do was 1) sew up the two ends from the inside, 2) flip it inside out, and 3) sew off the top seam of the bag.

I am so happy with the finished product! :) Making the tote bag was a bit more advanced than making a pillow case --especially because my fabric for the tote bag was thicker-- but it was well worth the trouble. Getting the hang of using the sewing machine is going to take me a lot longer than I thought, but it's a lot of fun! I've signed up for another class to make a 20 x 20 pillow case cover with a zipper for the sofa. We'll see how that one turns out! :)

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  1. Wahhhhhhhhhhh Cindy! You have really
    done an incredible job for a newbie ;)
    Love love love the bag :) Xx

  2. Ahh! Turned out SO NICELY! And another class! Way to go! I just put my sewing machine together and finally hemmed our curtains which were too long. Of course I goofed and hemmed the wrong side and got lazy and cut the piece in a really messy way. Oops. I hope to make something along the lines of a patchwork - maybe a small curtain or pillow :) I can't wait to see your next project!

    1. Thank you! You know, to be completely honest with you, I think the hardest part is putting together the sewing machine and winding & threading the thread into the needle! It's probably because I'm such a noob, but I always forget how to get started right. Once I get going, I'm OK, but I've only learned to do the regular stitch and the back stitch. It'll be interesting to see how I do with the zipper -- that's a first for me! If I get better at sewing, I'd like to make something for you :)