Louie's Personality Recipe

If you could give a personality recipe for your furry friends what would it look like?

That's exactly what the authors over at Pawsh Magazine were wondering today, and they encouraged their readers to join in on their comment section to share their dogs' personality recipes. I thought this was a brilliant exercise to try to describe Louie's personality type to others, and thought I'd share with you here as well (I already commented on the Pawsh Magazine blog)! The basic outline of the recipe goes something like this:

My dog called _________, who is a ____________ breed is comprised of:
  • a dash of ____________
  • a couple of ounces of ___________
  • a pinch of ___________
  • a tablespoon of ___________
  • and a bit of  _____________

Louie's personality recipe would be as follows:

My dog called, Louie, who is a beagle breed is comprised of a dash of Cookie monster, a couple of ounces of Curious George, a pinch of Piglet, a tablespoon of toddler, and a bit of people-pleaser.

For those that have never interacted with Louie, I think the above personality recipe is Louie in a nutshell.

Louie has a one-track mind, kinda like the Cookie Monster, when it comes to food. She reminds me of Curious George because she is always curious of her surroundings and sometimes gets carried away. I chose "a pinch of Piglet" because she can be very timid, but she is also very loyal and values friendships all around. She reminds me of a toddler because she likes to be cared for and craves cuddle time, but wants to be independent at times too. Lastly, her other big personality trait is that she is a people-pleaser {big time}. I couldn't think of any tangible character/being off the top of my head that describes a "people-pleaser"; hence my  unimaginative vocabulary. I think the term "people-pleaser" sometimes has a negative connotation -- which I want to clarify: Louie is a "people-pleaser" in that she rarely causes any ruckus for us {except when it involves human food that she wants to get to but she's not allowed to consume}. She is so friendly and cheerful by nature, which I believe most strangers we come across during our walks/vet visits/dog park visits find so comforting about her.

What is your pet's personality recipe?

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  1. oh i love your personality recipe for louie! so creative!! :D

    1. Thank you, Jane! ( > v < ) Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. Louie sounds like a real sweetie pie. I wish I could give her a pat right now!

    1. Aw, I wish you guys could meet! & Frankie too!