Weekends are for...

Weekends are the best!

In the past, I've been strongly encouraged by my elders to appreciate each brand new day, regardless if it was a Monday, Friday, or a holiday. Although I understand the concept and think it's a really good guideline {aka "live in the present"}, I can't help but favor weekends and holidays over workdays. I totally look forward to them, haha. Just keeping things real!

Weekends are for...

...making vanilla panna cotta  with a strawberry balsamic reduction sauce.

...eating brunch with my husband near the beach.

...spending time with Louie.

...tidying up our home.

...getting an assortment of mini desserts to share with a group.

...catching up on hobbies and fun projects.


Really, it's the simple things that keep us going. 

To be honest, there have been days when I've felt too overwhelmed/anxious/sad/irritated and for a short while I forget how lucky I am. Sometimes I let the small things bother me. Like, we have this neighbor for instance and she lets her crazy dog wander off leash and he comes running full speed, barking his head off, and nipping at my ankles when I take out the trash. It's happened to me multiple times already. I know that's not the dog's fault for acting that way, but it is very irresponsible for the owner to allow that to happen. What would happen if he ran out into the street and made someone get involved in a car accident? What if, even if he is "just playing," hurts someone like a small child? Even though we've politely warned her, our neighbor is pretty set in her ways and doesn't think there's anything wrong with the situation. In that instance, I am reminded by how fortunate I am that Louie -- although not perfect by any means -- is a much more friendly and understanding dog. I think it all comes down to discipline. If you love your dog, you ought to take the time to discipline, even if it may be difficult.

Anyway, enough rambling.

It's mid-week and I'm looking forward to the weekend again. I don't know if I'll ever be able to truly "live in the present," but personally I think having something to look forward to is fun.

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  1. Oh no... irresponsible pet ownership like that is probably what gets a dog euthanized if it ever does get into an unfortunate accident like biting a person, child or even another dog. :(

    1. Right? I think some dog owners should go to training/obedience school for their own sake sometimes :)

  2. My neighbour used to have a dog that ran off everyday and yaps and nips at everyone who walked past too. Sadly, it got hit by a car one day and died. So tragic because it's totally preventable! Glad you got to enjoy your weekend though. Pannacotta is one of my fav desserts

    1. Ugh, that is precisely my concern with my neighbor's dog! It's sad for the dog and terrible for the others involved too, and like you said, it's easily preventable.

  3. I understand the 'live in the present' thing :P and I agree
    but I so too look forward for the weekend/holidays or even
    TGIF haha :P
    Sigh, sorry to hear about your neighbors dog. There's not
    much you can do about it and you already have mentioned
    at your neighbor as well... Xx

    1. Haha, it is really difficult to live in the present for me. I am constantly planning things ahead, thinking about past memories, etc. But I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way! :)

      Yeah, there's not much I can do about my neighbor. You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your neighbors!