Sewing class #1

I've been wanting to learn how to use a sewing machine for like, ever. I'm so fascinated that people can sew their own clothes and they're like, "NBD (no big deal), I just use the sewing machine," and I'm just over here like "HOW?! Show me the way!"

In this day and age, there's boundless resources -- youtube, blogs, books, etc. I know this. But I am a visual learner. The best way for me to learn is for someone to physically teach me, step by step -- at least for the first time around. Plus, I didn't know what would be considered a good sewing machine that would be easy enough to use for a beginner and can still have functions for me to use as I gain more experience and knowledge. On top of that, I don't necessarily have the funds to just buy one on a whim and I'd hate to be stuck with a machine that doesn't suit my needs.

I tried to find people around me that might know how to use a sewing machine so that I could learn from them, but to no avail. Darn. Then, time passed, and more urgent things started popping up. You know, life. So I put my sewing aspirations on the back burner for quite some time.

Sometime this past January, I told myself to stop making excuses. I just needed to sign up for a class already, if I couldn't find someone I personally knew to teach me. Luckily, I was able to find a local fabric shop that started offering small classes and signed up for the next available weekend class. I just had to pay a nominal fee for the class (per project) and buy the materials from the store.

For the beginner's class, they give you an option of learning how to sew a basic pillow case or a basic reversible tote bag. I signed up for the pillow case class because the reversible tote, although categorized as a "beginner's project," looked a bit overwhelming for my very first project.

Next, I picked out my fabric {probably the most difficult and fun part of the entire process -- so many choices!} and thread. Oh, and don't forget to buy a bobbin if you don't have one already!

Then, I went to a small section in the back of the store that was basically sectioned off in three sections: 1) sewing station 2) ironing station and 3) cutting station. The class lends all of the materials {less the fabric, thread, and whatever appliques that you'd like to add to your project} for you, like a sewing machine, scissors, ironing board & iron, pins, etc.

The class is in a group setting with one instructor. Each student is on a different skill level and were working on different projects ranging from quilts to a large baby blanket to an ornate tote bag .Since I was a beginner, the instructor had me practice a few stitches before starting on the real project. It was much harder than I anticipated to keep a steady pace on the foot pedal, but I got the hang of it by the time I finished my pillow case.

The project entailed measuring, cutting, ironing, pinning, then finally sewing, then ironing, sewing on the reverse side, and ironing once again. I've learned it's not really a project to do while being engrossed in a television show, because it requires a lot of attention at all times {unless you're really good at it!}. The entire process took me about three hours. I'm really pleased with the results. I've yet to master the art of sewing, so I signed up for two more classes -- one to make a matching pillow case and another to make a reversible tote bag :)

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  1. I've always had sewing aspirations too but unlike you, I never actually got off my bum and done a course. I think it's fantastic what you've made. Look forward to seeing more!!!

  2. squeee!!! so exciting! i'm like you - i'm a visual learner and i need someone to teach me but for some reason i can't sign up for classes with strangers (ugh - my weird personality gets in the way of life goals lol). but i got a sewing machine as a present last year and i am still waiting to get supplies to use it. i've been on pinterest digging up tutorials and a good blogging friend has been giving tips (Yasumi over at Worship Blues). I thought maybe learning how to use the sewing machine back in 7th grade home ec class would come to use but i really don't remember anything except making a small patchwork pillow! but it was chosen as the best one in my class (sorry a little bragging here) so hopefully i still have some of that skill!! ;) i wish to make simple linen clothes for the summer. oh that's my dream. :)

    1. Hehe, I know exactly what you mean. Signing up for a class with strangers {eep, with much more experience than me!} was a little intimidating at first, but once the class started, everyone just quietly worked on their own little projects with nice background music. No need for small talk when you're concentrating on your projects and you're pressed for time :)

      I bet you will be a natural, Jane! I mean come on, you won the best patchwork pillow in your home ec class! That is impressive, seriously!

      I wonder, does your sewing machine come with a foot pedal? Or is that only for older models?

  3. Sewing I think is a dying skill although very practical. My mum was a seamstress and we actually have those industrial/ commercial machines in the garage. But also a more portable one in the house. Sadly she passed away and i didnt really learn any sewing skills which is a shame.

    The pillowcase looks great ! What is the next thing you will be sewing ?


    1. Thank you for visiting my page! I agree wholeheartedly -- sewing is a dying skill although it is very practical.

      My next project will be to complete the other pillow case so we have two matching ones, and a reversible tote bag! Maybe after that, I will move onto a simple shirt or dress! :)

  4. :-) Very cool. Can you sew a button onto my shirt that popped off? :-P

  5. BTW, love the color of the pillowcase!

    1. Haha, thanks! I have yet to learn how to sew a button using the sewing machine :T It would be useful to learn though -- I have a lot of buttons that fell off my cardigans and jackets too and left them as is. Haha.

  6. My mum used to sew a lot of pj pants for us
    when I was little! Her old sewing machine is
    here with us but in a thick layer of dust..
    I also want to learn how to sew things! I've
    been handsewing things now but I think
    machine sewing would make things a lot
    faster :P Xx

    1. I bet you can learn to use your mom's sewing machine! If we lived closer, we could've gone to these sewing classes together :) Wishful thinking!