A Little Scare and a Sigh of Relief

Louie underwent a minor eyelid surgery a few days ago. 

Around November, we noticed a tiny growth on one of her eyelids. It didn't seem to bother her (no scratching, pawing, etc.) and since it was so tiny, we just kept an eye on it.  Gradually, it grew and we were concerned. We asked our vet and she mentioned that since it's a very sensitive area, she wanted to try to treat it with a medicated eye cream to try to shrink the growth first. It scared us because she wasn't completely sure if it would just be a small growth or whether it would be an early sign of a tumor. We followed the instructions for the eye cream but the growth grew even more in a matter of two weeks. We could tell it was starting to bother Louie at this point, because she would try to rub her eye on the floor or paw at it. With the vet's recommendation, we decided to schedule Louie for a surgery. 

It was a successful one day procedure. Our little champ went under general anesthesia, and she has a little patch of fur missing on her right arm (where they inserted the I.V.). The growth has been removed now, and instead she has several stitches. She was prescribed a special eye drop (she hates it! I totally get it because I hate putting in eye drops myself!) and she still has a monster appetite. She played with her toys and slept per usual.

I was a bit hesitant to leave for work this morning because after our usual morning walk, I noticed that her under eye was bleeding. I checked her stitches, and all of it looked like they were still in tact. She wasn't whimpering or whining. In fact, she was nudging me to give her a treat (typical beagle). She seemed totally fine, unfazed by the blood pooling on her under eye. Yet, I panicked. I didn't know when, why, or how it happened, but the wound must have opened up and I felt as though it was my fault for not noticing it sooner or preventing it from happening.

Part of me wanted so badly to call my carpool buddy to tell her that I had an emergency I needed to take care of and that I wouldn't be able to pick her up this morning. But it was too sudden of a notice. My carpool buddy doesn't have another means to get to work, and she was depending on me. So I frantically woke up my husband and asked him to keep an eye on her and to see if the bleeding stops. If not, then we agreed that he should call the vet and take her in if necessary. Luckily, my husband and Louie both remained calm, unlike me!

By the time I arrived to work, my husband informed me that her bleeding stopped, and it was probably a residue of the eye drop that leaked near the stitches that made it bleed. What a scare!

Speaking of scares, this is a screenshot of the texts my husband and I were exchanging on the day of the surgery. He likes to trick me because I am gullible, haha:

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  1. Oh I'm so glad she got through her surgery well and also that the bleeding stopped! I hope she recovers 100% soon! Sending love!!

    1. Thank you! The pathologist ran a report and we found out that it was a benign tumor. She is doing much better these days, albeit still wearing her cone of shame! Haha.

  2. What a little champ indeed! And lol. Your husband is so funny. Sending extra hugs and kisses to Louie xoxoxo

    1. Haha, my husband got a good chuckle out of that one. I was like, "...THAT'S NOT HER!" haha.

  3. Ohhhh Louie! You are sure a champ c: I'm glad
    that her lump at her eye wasn't a big issue and
    that the procedure of removal wasn't big and
    severe either! Give her extra hugs and kisses
    for me please c: Xx

    1. Thank you so much! I will give her the extra hugs and kisses today, as soon as I get home :)