Raining cats and dogs

SoCal is experiencing some much needed rain today.

Out of all the different types of weather, rain brings back a lot of memories and feelings for me.

Back in grade school, I looked forward to rainy days because that meant we were able to play "Heads up, Seven-up" as a class. When I was given the chance to press down on someone's thumb, I always chose an acquaintance -- someone I was not quite friends with -- just to make the guessing part more difficult. Looking back, I remember most kids chose their close friends or their crushes. It just seemed too obvious when that happened, and it wasn't much fun in my book. Have you played this game, and if so, did you enjoy it? 

In middle school, I remember an incident when my childhood best friend and I were waiting for her grandmother to pick us up after school, but she didn't come after 30 minutes of waiting. It started drizzling. We decided to take a chance and walked to her grandmother's home together. Midway through the walk, it started pouring. We decided to stop by a fast food joint and pooled our coins to share fries inside and talked until the rain started to clear up. That was one of my most memorable times with her, even though all we did was talk about the things we did all the time, which was: "which boy do you think is cute/funny/smart?" and "if you could be anyone from tv, which character would you want to be?"

Then there was this one time in high school when I lost by a point on a tie-breaker in a tennis match against our rival school and it was sprinkling. I shed a few tears in frustration as soon as my ball hit the net {on my side}, because I knew my team was counting on me to win. I guess it didn't help that I was mentally and physically exhausted by then. I sniffled my tears away and tried to convince my teammates that my tears were being mistaken by the rain -- they didn't buy it for one second. Smart girls.

Now as an adult, I enjoy the rain for the most part. I find the gentle sound of the rain hitting the window panes to be soothing. The only thing I do not like is when Louie shakes all over the house after she's gone outside to do her business and splatters water all over me. Oh, and driving to and from work in the rain. That's always a drag and adds a good 30 extra minutes on my commute.

Do you have any memories that are triggered by the rain?

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  1. Louie looks adorable in her raincoat :) I wish I can be more fond of the rain! i don't like it much - getting wet. i used to wear super baggy jeans when i was in high school and college and it was the worst when it rained. my jeans would be soaked to my knees. that was no fun. and the game of heads up seven up! i remember playing that game! i used to get so nervous pressing down on someone's finger because i thought they would know instantly who i was lol i don't remember who i chose. i think i chose mostly people who did know me better :)

    1. Thank you! I think I am a little more fond of the rain since it happens pretty rarely here in SoCal. I'm sure if it rained all the time like it does in Seattle or Portland, I personally wouldn't have the same outlook. I also hate it when the bottoms of my jeans/pants gets soaked from walking around in the rain! I always wear a combination of skirt/dress + tights or leggings + boots nowadays when I know it's going to be a wet day.

  2. I'm not really fond of rain either! haha It hate getting wet and taking Bosco out is the worst! haha He's not a fan either! Sometimes if its really raining hard, when I open the door he won't even go out. He's like, not right now lady! I'll hold it! haha

    1. Haha too funny! I wonder if Louie would be like Bosco and refuse to go out if it was pouring outside.

  3. Such memorable situations with rain!

    I remember during elementry school I
    was walking with a classmate together
    to home and it was POURING! We
    were halfway and another classmate
    on bike passed by telling us that our
    local toystore is holding a giveaway and
    I remember that me and that classmate
    looked at each other and without saying
    a word we set destination to that
    toystore and eventually got a free
    coloring set :')
    But yeah, rain is nice when you're at
    home I think :P Anyway Louie is
    looking cute in the raincoat! Xx

    1. I like that you have a childhood memory associated with the rain as well! Yes, I enjoy the rain when I don't have any errands to run and I can stay cozy inside :)