Honeymoon: Madrid

Although Barcelona and Madrid is only several hours away via the train, their ambiance is completely different. Whereas Barcelona is a bohemian beach city, Madrid is a lively metropolis. To be honest, out of the two cities in Spain, Barcelona fit our lifestyle better. But I am very glad that we got to see and experience Madrid too. We enjoyed authentic churros with chocolate, nice strolls around various parks and markets, and even had a little taste of Egypt (!) while in Madrid. 

We started off our day with fresh fruits & croissants for breakfast :)
& we strolled upon various parks...
....and more parks...

& stopped by San Gines Chocolateria for their world famous churros & chocolate.  

YUM :)
A view of the city from Parque del Cuartel de la Montana
Temple of Debod - an authentic Egyptian temple dating from the 2nd century B.C.!!

Our favorite sight in Madrid was definitely the Temple of Debod. The temple originally stood in Debod in the Nile Valley (dating from the 2nd century B.C.), but the Egyptian government gifted this monument to Spain in 1968 because the temple was close to a dam that was being constructed, and it would have been destroyed otherwise. In 1969, it was dismantled stone by stone and was reconstructed to be open to the public by 1972. It was so neat to see a piece of history from another country being well preserved and looked after by another country!

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  1. That's interesting to hear about the differences
    between Madrid and Barcelona c: Lovely pictures!
    I'm craving for churros now :c Xx

    1. I was surprised by the difference between the two cities too!

  2. I would so love to eat churros in Madrid too! Drooling!!

    1. Let me tell you...it was SO good! They make the churros fresh, and all that (from my photo) was less than 4 euros!

  3. Amazing! Barcelona sounds like more of our city but would love to go to Madrid as well!

    1. Yes! Even a day trip from Barcelona to Madrid would be plenty to enjoy what the city has to offer, if you happen to go in the future!