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Have you ever traveled and thought, "I wish I could learn to cook from the locals!"? 

I have. On multiple occasions. So for our honeymoon, I asked my hubby if he would join me for a cooking class in Barcelona. He wasn't as thrilled as I was, but he thought it would be a fun experience for the both of us. And I'm happy to report...it was!

Cook & Taste Barcelona
Demo station
Prep station
We learned how to cook one appetizer (tomato gazpacho), one entree (traditional chicken paella), and one dessert (crema catalana) via a live demo from our instructor. We noshed on some tapas (iberico jamon & olives) and sipped on chilled white wine, and ate the 3 course dinner later with 6 other participants -- we were all tourists: a pair of ladies from Australia, a couple from the Netherlands, a young lady from Scotland, a woman from South Korea, and us from the United States! I guess locals wouldn't have to take a cooking class in their hometown to learn to cook their authentic dishes if it's passed down from their families.

The instructor whisking away.
What the consistency of the crema should look like.
A taste of the crema before it was chilled in the fridge.
One thing that our instructor warned us -- she said we can improvise the ingredients in a paella based on what we have in our home country-- but that we should never, ever use chorizo as a substitute for meat or peas in a paella. When she mentioned chorizo, I knew she was saying it for our benefit, because all of the other participants were like "What's that?" Haha. Chorizo is a very common meat product from Mexico that is common to us Angelenos. The reason she said not to use chorizo is because it is too strong of a flavor profile and it would no longer be a "Spanish" dish. The reason not to include peas is because it is very sweet, and it would no longer be considered a paella {this all according to our instructor}.

Fresh ingredients for the paella.
I don't know why the thought never crossed my mind to grate tomatoes for a fresh tomato puree -- brilliant!

Don't forget the saffron!

Crispy edges of the rice is the best part of a paella.
Cover until ready to serve to maintain the moisture.           

Time to dig in! My favorite part of dinner. It was all delicious :)

Appetizer: tomato gazpacho
Entree: paella
Dessert: Crema Catalana
Yum! I'm hoping to recreate these dishes for my friends and family soon. Maybe for Thanksgiving? :)

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  1. They look delicious! Yum! And I have never thought to take cooking classes in another country. What a great idea!

    1. Thanks, Jane :) I'm hoping it will still taste as delicious when I recreate the meal by following their recipe!

  2. What a fun activity, a cooking workshop!
    Looks really fun c: and YUM that paella!
    And sounds like you guys had a nice
    international company as well :P

    1. It was really fun! I hope to take a cooking class again wherever we end up traveling next!

  3. That looks like so much fun!! Stu and I did a pasta making class once and we loved it. The paella looks amazing

    1. Oh wow! A pasta making class must have been really fun!! That will be added onto my bucket list :)