3650 Days

My hubby and I are still newlyweds, but we have been together for over 10 years now. That's more than 3650 days!

In honor of our tenth anniversary together, I'd like to share a little background information on us, and the story of his proposal.  Hope you enjoy reading :)

About us:
Cindy has always been a home-body with a passion for crafting. Her current medium of choice is yarn. She appreciates mid-century architecture and classic, timeless design. Her favorite movie and book genre is psychological-thriller, but she also loves dead-pan, quirky comedies and cartoons. She is completely smitten with their beagle, Louie. She enjoys stumbling into small boutiques and fairs to find vintage accessories and curiosities.

Danny has always had a passion for sports, especially basketball. Cookies are his weakness. His favorite movie genre is sci-fi and action, but he also loves witty, quirky comedies. He treats his TV like he would a friend. He enjoys shooting hoops with his friends, hiking on trails, and watching Harry Potter and re-runs of Home Alone during the holidays.

Cindy and Danny met in the summer of 2004 at their workplace.

They consider themselves to not only be partners, but best friends as well. They share the same values and outlook on life, and have a positive influence on one another. They adopted their beagle, Louie, in the fall of 2011. 

The proposal:
When we first moved into Danny’s grandmother’s home, we decided to paint a few rooms as an easy DIY make-over. For our master bedroom, we painted one wall with chalkboard paint. We always talked about how we would utilize the wall (leave notes, draw silly things, etc.) but it remained blank and unused for nearly a year.

On August 28, 2012, the wall remained as dark and bare as the days past. We were celebrating our 8th year anniversary that day. Since it fell on a weekday, we decided to have a nice dinner out and keep it low-key. 

Earlier during the day, Louie, our beagle, was driven by the hungry monster inside her stomach, and somehow managed to jump and climb on top of the kitchen counter and stealthily gobbled up two chocolate-stuffed croissants. Since we knew that chocolate is poisonous for dogs, we were worried about her. I (Cindy) thought about cancelling dinner reservations, but Danny's parents were kind enough to dog-sit Louie at our home while we were out.

After we came home, Danny's parents were waiting by the door and asked if I could take her outside to do her business. Danny quietly walked inside the house. After I took care of Louie, Danny's parents were waiting for me by the door and hastily said their good-byes and left. It was unusual for them to rush home without chatting with us for a bit, but I figured that they wanted to get some rest. After I closed the front door, Danny took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom. I gasped at the entrance. The plain chalkboard wall was transformed into something so special. It was adorned with colorful hearts with a question I had been waiting from Danny for years: “Will you marry me?”! He got down on one knee and popped the question, as Louie came bustling into the room. We laughed, smiled, and hugged – and of course, I said “I do!”

As a side note…Louie is totally healthy! We’ve learned from our mistake and will never leave food out, even if it seems like it would be impossible for her to reach.

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Hi there! My husband and I are newlyweds ♥ We adopted our beagle, Louie, in 2011. This blog allows me to chronicle our lives together as a family. Thank you for stopping by! WWW.KIDGRANNY.BLOGSPOT.COM


  1. Lol your parents in law, in the conspiracy as well c:
    Really sweet proposal of Danny really ^__^
    Happy 10 years together and many more!! Xx

  2. So so sweet!! Louie is one stealth dog! Glad to know that she's ok! I've had scares too with Piri - he ate chicken bones while we were on our walk. Someone threw them out in the street. Ugh. But that's so great about you and your husband. Yangkyu and I are completely aligned when it comes to our values and morals. That's a big one for me. Happy 10th anniversary! That's a long time! Here's to many many more! <3!!

    1. Yes! We still don't know how she got up on the kitchen counter as there wasn't anything that was low enough for her to jump on to use as steps, but she is very determined when it comes to food. But we don't take such risks anymore, after that scare! & thank you so much :) xx

  3. So sweet - I bet it took you forever to erase that ... is it still up? haha. Yes, beagle and their foods - have you seen that youtube video where the beagle pushes a chair over by the counter to get on the counter to steal few pieces of chicken nuggets! Louie is a smart one!

    1. Haha! How did you know -- yes, it's still up on our wall even after two years has passed since the event :) My hubby wants to erase it and put up a different color of paint for the entire room but I always beg him not to. & yes! I have seen that youtube clip. It is amazing how hunger + desire can quickly fuel into 100% determination! :)

  4. How very romantic!!! I'm glad your chalkboard wall was used for such a special purpose and of course your Louie didn't get sick from the chocolate croissant

  5. ohh that is so cute the way he proposed!!! and 10 years, that is a long time! wish you two all the best and many more years to come!