Summer 2014

How has your summer been thus far? Mine has been super busy at work, and laid back at home. I think that's a good balance.

We've been hanging out with our friends, cleaning up the house, and trying summer recipes. It's also been a very humid summer in Los Angeles this year, so my sinus allergies have been killing me lately. Here are some photos from this past week. 

Ikea hack: using our old spice rack as vases for our air plants. 

A good friend of mine gifted a muskrat skull because she knows I am obsessed with skulls.

Stay Home Club with Louie

recent purchases from our local farmer's market: basil, heirloom tomatoes, and various loose leaf teas.

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  1. those loose leaf teas sound so soothing! and your obsession with skulls! so interesting!

    1. These loose leaf teas are SO good! I love the aroma for each of them. I've always had an interest in osteology --I find it fascinating to learn about that animal's past by looking at just the bare bones. Also, I'd be too scared to encounter these wild animals face-to-face when they are alive so it allows me to take a closer peek at them after they've passed.

  2. oh I love your new plant holder! I love seeing ikea hacks out there ... good job!