We Do: The Reception, part 1

I hope you aren't getting bored with these wedding posts...because more is on the way, haha! Today I'm going to cover some of the details from our reception.

The reception has always been and always will be my favorite part of a wedding (any wedding). It's when you get to wine & dine with friends and let loose {amirite?!}. I'll get to the fun photos in a later post, but today it's all about the details. The reception is where most of my DIY items were finally revealed to family and friends. It took a lot of time & effort, but every single DIY project was SO worth it, in my opinion!

Guestbook poster: ordered on etsy
"Please Sign" & welcome board: calligraphy by my bestie/maid of honor

DIY: Find Your Seat banner, escort tags & pinwheel magnets {handcrafted by yours, truly}

DIY: our initials wrapped in yarn {handcrafted by the Mr. & Mrs.}

DIY: Pomdelions made with yarn & yarn wrapped jars {handcrafted by yours, truly}

Boba Fett art ("Come to the dark side, we have cookies"): purchased on etsy
Cookie Bar sign: calligraphy by my bestie/maid of honor

My biggest advice to future brides and/or grooms if you plan to go the DIY route is to come up with a realistic plan, budget, and timeline, and stick with it! A little bit of OCD will come out from the DIY bride, and it's totally fine! Use it in your favor. In the beginning stages of our wedding planning, I jotted down all of the ideas that I wanted to incorporate into our wedding -- color scheme, props, overall feeling, etc. Next I asked my then-fiance for his input, and once I got the "Sure, sounds nice" comment, I made a to-do list with all of the various DIY projects that I wanted to make, along with the required materials and rough budget per project, and a general deadline to make them. If I realized that I didn't have the skills, materials, or the time to create something, I moved on to the next project or decided to ask for professional help. Etsy is full of creative folks that will more than likely be happy to customize their art for you {I love Etsy}! For example, we had our guestbook poster customized via an etsy seller.We wanted to incorporate a few Star Wars related items into our wedding since it fell on May 4th ("May the fourth be with you!"), so we depended on wonderful illustrators for such items. My maid of honor aka bestie is also very talented so I asked for her help with the calligraphy of some signs too. Oh, and cookies! I couldn't imagine stressing out over baking hundreds of cookies the night before our wedding so we had the help from a professional bakery :)

 Photo credit: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography (http://jenfujphotography.com)

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  1. I am not done with your wedding posts so please keep them
    coming c;
    Haha I love receptions at weddings as well, probably also
    my favorite part :P
    And thanks for the DIY tips! I think (if planning to marry)
    I do alot of DIY as well ^_^ Xx

    1. Phew! I'm glad you haven't gotten bored with my wedding posts yet! :)

  2. looking forward to more posts! this is just too sweet! i love all the things that you made and got on etsy :) i love those pomdelions!

  3. Keep these wedding posts coming!! I love looking at your beautiful day and all these gorgeous touches. Well done you!