We Do: The Ceremony, part 2

You can read about We Do: The Ceremony, part 1 here.

I think we really hit the jackpot when we found our venue. Not only is it gorgeous, but they are dog-friendly and super flexible. They are really open to any ideas that the bride and groom  may have.  I loved that we were able to bring whatever decorations we wanted to make the space our own for that day. 

Hence, I became a DIY bride. I spent months handcrafting items and had a lot of fun making them! They were all pretty simple projects; just time consuming. I'm so happy that each of the items complemented the venue! You can see some of the items I made for the ceremony in this post.

DIY: Louie's ring bearer bowtie and collar

DIY: the flower girls' hair accessories and baskets, my nephew's boutonniere,  and the "here comes your girl" banner.

So I'm not sure why my nephew ended up throwing the flower petals and his sister ended up wanting to hold the "here comes your girl" banner...haha, it was supposed to be the opposite roles but I guess it worked out either way.

To be continued...

Photo credit: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography (http://jenfujphotography.com

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  1. aww so so cute! :) and louie!! oh my gosh. i so wish i had piri at our wedding.

    1. Thank you, Jane! I'm sure Piri would have looked so handsome at your wedding :)

  2. Such amazing DIYs! Everything looks so beautiful, well done you!!!