Princess Louie

My photographer uploaded our wedding photos to her website! I honestly wish I could share some right now, right here, but it'll have to be after she releases the digital files to me.

So today, I'm going to take a break from the wedding stuff and instead I wanted to share with you about this wonderful package that I received via air mail from Rie.

I met Rie via Instagram (find her at "eyelet_plus") maybe about a year ago. She is one of the most humble and talented people I know. She hails from Japan, but lived in Australia for several years; hence her English is superb! She is also a fellow beagle lover :) Her instagram is full of images of Daru, a handsome beagle mix, and Momi, the cutest kitty with super round eyes. She also shares some of the handmade goods she makes, like this and this. Rie's stitch working skills are amazing. I mean...she does it all by hand!

Recently, she posted an image of one of the bags she finished. I just kept staring at it, admiring her work. I finally mustered up the courage and asked if she would take my order, even if it would be international. She said yes! Yipee :) So...what's a fellow beagle lover to do? I requested Rie to hand stitch Louie{ok, side note: Rie usually does more traditional cross stitching so I knew I was asking a lot out of her...but I couldn't help but beg when I saw her hand stitch of Daru}! GUYS, THE FINISHED PRODUCT LOOKS JUST LIKE LOUIE!!! Her markings are on point. I squealed in delight as I held the purse in my hands. It's just so one of a kind, and I appreciate the quality and attention to detail. Oh, and you know what else? Rie surprised me by including a matching, small polka dot pouch for the purse! I just. could. not. handle. the cuteness!!

This is by far the highlight of my week! :) Thank you, Rie-san!

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  1. THE CUTEST!!! so so so sweet! and her work is amazing!

    1. Isn't it?! It makes me so happy everytime I hold them in my hands!