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I was recently tagged by Jane from Always With Yoo for a fun q & a post! I like doing these types of posts because it gives me a chance to give others some background information on myself in ways that I would have never thought about sharing. Hope you enjoy :)

01 // if you could listen to any conversation between two famous people - alive or dead {or combination of either} - who would they be and why? 
I would've loved to listen to a conversation with Roald Dahl and Dr. Seuss. I loved both of their works growing up, and grew to love reading because of them. I still love reading their books, actually. Their works can be appreciated at any age, in my opinion! I think it would've been interesting to listen to them discuss the art of writing, and any struggles they may have encountered during the process.

02 // where were you born? 

03 // what does your name mean and is there a story behind it? {ie. how you were named, why you were given your name}
My parents had a pretty simple concept to choose my first name: because they liked it. No deep meanings -- they just thought it was  a cute name that they wouldn't have trouble pronouncing (my parents mainly speak Japanese). Oh, my first name is "Cindy," by the way. On the other hand, my father was very concerned about my middle name. He insisted on going to a Shinto temple and asked the priest to give me my middle name (in Japanese). OK, it's going to get pretty technical from here but bare with me. Most Japanese names are written in kanji (漢字), Chinese characters. Chinese characters have something called  kakusuu (画数), which is the number of strokes it takes to write the kanji. It's a pretty old school (& super technical & might I add complicated) process, but basically the priest sits down with the parents and the newborn baby, asks the parents how they envision the baby's life will be as he/she grows, and comes up with and writes several names in calligraphy with the best kakusuu keeping in mind 5 different factors of luck (ancestry/family, personality, talent/wealth, social life, and the overall quality of life)  and then the parents make the final decision from there.  My parents chose "Miyuki" as my middle name. Not only were they satisfied with the kakusuu, but they also liked the meaning behind the kanjis: "as beautiful as they come."

04 //  what was the most recent compliment you received?
We are getting married in less than two weeks, and my friends and families have been saying "Wow, you seem so calm for a bride." Is that a compliment? Since the beginning, one of my top priorities for our wedding was for it to be fuss-free. I'm not one of those people that can turn stress into adrenaline, which then helps them feel pumped {I envy those types}. If anything, I try my best to minimize stress. That means planning ahead, delegating, and trusting others. I'm good at planning ahead and being organized, but I'm still working on my delegating skills and trust issues.  I guess the real test is on our big day -- I'm sure I won't be as calm as I am now!

05 // have you ever won an award? what was it for? {elementary school awards count, too. heh}
Last December, I won the staff of the year award from my workplace {and it happened to be on my birthday}! I was walking on cloud nine that day!!

06 // what is typically in your bag? 
My paper planner {i like to write things down with a pen}, a pen, gum, lip balm, wallet, cell phone, and keys.

07 // what was the strangest thing you believed as a child? 
When I was about four years old, I learned how to swim laps at pre-school in Japan. Until then, I never really took into consideration of the lane divider lines.  Due to the movements from the water, the dark green lane divider lines seemed to be swaying back and forth. I seriously thought there was a huge, underwater snake in our school pools!! It was good in a way because I never stopped mid-way and made sure I made it to the end of the lap to ensure I didn't accidentally come in contact with these "underwater snakes"!

08 // what is a favorite local place you would recommend to your friends should they ever visit your town/city for the first time?
Ahh, this is tough. I've lived in the South Bay for a long time, and there are a lot of hidden gems! We're close to the beach, so it has a very relaxed vibe, which I love. One of my favorite local places is the Riviera Village in Redondo Beach. It's a cute, neighborhood-oriented area with a lot of mom and pop shops and restaurants. There is a cute cafe & florist shop that we frequent called Yellow Vase -- their chai lattes are amazing. I like the fact that it's very dog-friendly there as well!

09 // what does your life so far say about you?
This is a difficult question for me to answer.

I guess you can say that I was full of hopes and dreams until my junior year of college. Soon after college, however, I realized that my hopes and dreams had a high price, and I was going to be broke if I kept pursuing them. So, I did what most young adults did and set my dreams aside and joined the corporate world. I actually think it turned out for the better. I was able to continue my creative aspirations on the side with my income I'd earned, and had a predictable paycheck. My hopes and dreams are different now from my early 20's, but I've come to appreciate that it's rare to have it all -- great relationships, wealth/luxury, good health, and loving your job. So, I've prioritized my life to good health and great relationships with the people I love and care for. Everything else is just gravy.

10 // what is a really great advice you've received? {could be anything - beauty, life, surviving school, etc.}
I think this applies to most things in life but when we got engaged, a lot of people told us, "Don't worry about trying to please others. You're never going to please everyone because everyone has different opinions. Do what's best for the both of you." In retrospect, this is very true, and I'm glad I took it to heart. In the initial stages of planning, we felt like we were planning a party for others, and not centered around us, even though that's the point of a wedding. For example, a lot of people were very surprised that I opted out of the father-daughter dance. My sisters, who are already wed, insisted that I do it because they didn't get to do it, and I'm the last one to wed in our family so they feel like it's their last chance too by living vicariously through my experience (their venues were much smaller so they didn't have a dance floor). If you didn't know this already, I hate being the center of attention, and so does my father. I just didn't think it would be fun for either of us. Just to be sure, I asked my dad if he wanted to do the father-daughter dance and he vehemently shook his head sideways (a universal sign of "Hell no!"). So, that's that! :)

11 // what was your first job ever? 
My first paying job was at this video rental shop in a neighborhood market. I ended up working there part-time through most of my high school years and the summer before I went to college. Fun fact: I actually met my now-fiance (and soon to be husband) by working there!

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  1. i love the story of your name and your middle name. such a beautiful meaning too! and the underwater snakes is so funny!! although i'm sure back then it was scary! :) but your answer had me giggling! i love getting to know you through these types of posts. you're (and of course lou) by far one of my favorites on the blog and instagram :)

    1. Thank you so much, Jane! You & Piri brighten up my day, and I'm so glad we found each other on Instagram & our blogs! If you lived closer to California, I would've totally invited you to our wedding :)

  2. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I too was told before my wedding that I was very calm for a bride and I too took it as a compliment. I think it was meant I wasn't a bridezilla that some women can be. Loved reading all your responses. I got tagged by Jane too...will have to get to drafting my responses soon!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to read your responses :)