wedding update: bridesmaids dresses & bridal accessories

You guys...My wedding photographer is featured in greenweddingshoes! So, so proud of her!

Two of my bridesmaids and I went shopping for their dresses in downtown LA on Saturday -- yes, when it was pouring rain {FYI it doesn't rain here very often}! At one point, it was even raining hail. All's good that ends well because we finally found a dress for them :) 

I have five girls in my bridal party: my best friend is my maid of honor and my two very close friends & my two sisters are my bridesmaids. Every one of them have varying figures and style preferences. Also, one of them is in Cleveland, OH (long distance). Finding my wedding dress was a cinch, but coordinating the bridesmaids dresses/shoes has been quite the challenge! Hence, I passed on the duties to my maid of honor, haha. I gave my girls free range to pick a dress to their liking (as far as style, length, fabric, etc.) as long as it fit within my color scheme. I also told them to think about purchasing a dress that they'd wear again OR alternatively, rent a dress if it's too fancy or if they wouldn't want to keep it in their closet {be practical}. 

In the end, three of them (my friends) will wear the same dress in the same color {mint} & the other two (my sisters) will wear different dresses in grey. It's mismatched but it'll work; I bought them matching pashmina shawls from Turkey and personalized floral, vintage-inspired necklaces for them & that should pull it together {along with the bridesmaids bouquets!}. Once the shawls are shipped from Turkey, I'll post photos of the bridal party gifts. I'm so excited to hand it to them soon!

I also took my wedding dress for an alteration this weekend. Eep! Reality is setting in. I felt a bit self-conscious in the fitting room {must...get...toned...& tan...!} but at the same time I couldn't stop falling in love with my dress all over again!! I wish I could show you here, but it'll have to be after the big day. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek into my bridal accessories..."Practical but beautiful" seems to be my motto for our wedding, because that's exactly what I looked for when I searched for my accessories.

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  1. that is so lovely! bet the dresses and the colors mint and grey will work nicely! such great colors! and practical but beautiful sounds like a good idea. i was so wrapped up with other things that i didn't even have accessories. my bridal boutique folks and make up folks were a little shocked and they pulled together earrings and a hair pin for me at the last minute. oops! :)

    1. Thank you, Jane! Haha, oh no! Good thing your make-up & hair people had some back up items! & by the can't even tell all that went on behind the scenes because you look gorgeous in the photos :) You look so cool, calm & collected!