Bridesmaids' Gifts

My bridesmaids deserve the best, so I searched and searched until I found the perfect gifts to give to them at the bridal luncheon! I thought about buying them each personalized items, but after much thought, I decided to buy them all of the same accessories so that they look uniform and tied together for the photos (especially since their dresses aren't matching).

I bought each of them a white pashmina shawl handmade in Turkey (so soft!!) and a custom-maid locket style pendant with real, preserved wild flowers. I also included a mini sewing kit for the day of, in case of emergencies.

The locket style pendant includes blue forget me not flowers and yellow baby's breath that the jeweler picked up. The color scheme and the scale of the flowers mattered a lot to me, but I also really like the meaning behind these flowers. A florist had informed me that forget me not flowers symbol remembrance and good luck, and are also representative of love, fond memories, and hope. Baby's breath is supposed to represent innocence.

I really like the delicate lace trimming on the white pashmina shawls. I've been searching everywhere to find a good quality shawl without fringes and realized I just had to take a chance and order from abroad in Turkey. I was worried that it might get lost in transit and/or it would take forever to be shipped, but the the seller was very prompt and professional and I was worry-free once I placed the order. I actually like this shawl so much, I ordered a pastel yellow one for myself :)

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  1. that is so pretty! such thoughtful and wonderful gifts!

  2. Stunning gifts :)