Less than 4 months to go!

In less than four months, I will be married to my best friend! It seems like only a month or two ago that we got engaged but boy, time flies! :)

One of the first things we did after we got engaged was research various venues. We didn't have a set date in mind for our wedding day, so we just focused on 1) location 2) budget and 3) season while we were venue-shopping. We also wanted our four-legged pal to join the festivities, so we kept this in mind as well.

Well, turns out that meeting all three criteria was pretty difficult to do. Initially, our desirable venue locations were within a 20 to 30 mile radius of Los Angeles (downtown LA, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Marina del Rey, etc.). However, venues in or near Los Angeles are very expensive (the sales team will refer to expensive as "competitive") because it's a desirable location for not only Angelenos, but for out-of-town folks as well. We were shocked at how much some of the venues we considered would charge us. It felt like robbery! Needless to say, this made a road block for us in terms of location + budget. We decided to prioritize our budget and be more flexible in terms of location.

Next is the season. I personally did not want to have our wedding in a hotel {although in retrospect it would have been convenient for room blocks} and I wanted to incorporate nature into our wedding, so it was prudent to avoid the colder months (late November to March), even in Los Angeles weather.

After a lot of thought, we were down to three very different options:
1) Beverly Hills court house wedding
2) Cruise ship wedding
3) So Cal garden wedding

I originally pushed for the court house wedding. At the time, I didn't want to go through the stress of coordinating everything and spending a ton of money. After venue searching, I was already pretty overwhelmed with just how involved I would have to be and how much money it would cost us. I wanted things to be intimate, official, and hassle-free, and thought that this would be the way to go {not to mention cost effective}. My fiance, on the other hand, wanted to have our friends and families to attend our wedding and have a bigger "celebration" type of event. We thought about joining our wishes together and have a court house wedding & host a reception at a restaurant, but I knew that there would still be a lot of planning and coordinating involved by going this route so we ended up with the So Cal garden wedding. I know, 180 degree change from the hassle-free court house wedding idea. I just thought to myself, "If I'm going to have to plan and spend money anyway, might as well go with something that I'd be happy looking forward to and looking back on." It's my "go big or go home!" mentality that kicked in.
Finally, once we chose our venue, we decided on a date based on the availability of their warmer months. After we had our date and venue in place, we searched for photographers. After several recommendations, we decided to hire Jennifer Fujikawa. We actually went to high school together, and am disappointed in my past self that I did not recognize her talent earlier. She is truly artistic, focused, and highly professional! I can't believe she is younger than me and she's accomplished so much :O She recently sent us these lovely thank you grams. Totally made my day! We're looking forward to working with her soon :)

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  1. Again I feel so excited for you to get married c:
    I sometimes watch wedding programs and it
    can be really inspiring but also stressfull so I
    kind of understand what you are going through!
    I think a garden type of wedding is lovely and
    I think its more personal as well!


    1. Thank you so much! In all honesty I was extremely stressed early on because everything seemed so overwhelming and I didn't know where to start... & my stubborn personality makes it very difficult to ask for help unless I feel like it's absolutely necessary. But!! After about the 6 month benchmark, I started really enjoying the process and seeing things come together :) will keep you posted!

  2. so exciting that it's only four months away. you thought out a lot of things which is great! and i think it's so so lovely that you will have lou in your wedding. no doubt that your pictures will turn out lovely! your photographer is talented!

    1. Thank you! :) Lou has never been around 100+ people all at once, so I hope she will not be *too* excited! Haha.