The Book of Mormon

Hope you had a good weekend! We had a very productive Saturday. In the morning, we met with our jeweler to place an order on my wedding band. He worked with my fiancé to design my engagement ring back in 2012. We decided to have a band of smaller diamonds that would go with the curve of my engagement ring. I want it to be very classic and timeless.

We then headed off to Hollywood to catch The Book of Mormon, a musical :) We were really sad that we missed it the first time around, so we got the tickets as soon as they were on sale for this round. We heard so many great reviews & the show did not disappoint! The actors were very talented and engaging. The set design was impeccable. And above all, the script was clever, funny, and delivered a great message. Believe what you need to believe to get through your hardships, and don't take everything so literally!

Did I also mention how gorgeous the Pantages Theatre is? It is very art-deco, a style I appreciate.

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  1. how exciting to get your ring done! and i've heard so many things about book of mormon. i'm so intrigued.

    1. Is it playing in your city? If so, I'd really recommend it! It was so funny and witty. I'm not typically the type to enjoy musicals, but this one was very good :)