supporting ladies' bouquets

Do you like it when:

a) the bridesmaids' bouquets are completely different from the bride's so that the bride's bouquet stands out,


b) the bridesmaids' bouquets and the bride's bouquets have some similarities (i.e. colors, flowers, etc.) but with some distinctions for the bride?

In my case, I opted for (b). I requested that my bridesmaids' bouquets be just as gorgeous as mine, and to keep it in the similar color scheme, but with different textures. Below is an idea of my bridal party's bouquets and our mothers' pin on's.

supporting ladies' bouquets

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  1. that's so sweet. i look back at my wedding and how poorly it was all planned (by me). i had no color scheme and everything was just so random because i decided on the spot instead of planning. lol. but i knew i wanted some meaning to my bridesmaids' bouquets so i chose dahlias which were august flowers. mine was just plain ole calla lillies (although i wish i had peonies!) :)

    1. I saw your post for your wedding day a while back and I remember how gorgeous you looked! Even with the random planning, I think it all fell into place! I must admit, I was initially very stressed and overwhelmed with our wedding plans, but I've come to realize that none of the guests are really going to critique about all the super intricate details that I thought were so important back then. Now I'm thinking "big picture" and I feel a lot more at ease, and surprisingly, I'm having fun with the planning process!