I was never interested until I started planning our wedding {real talk}, but there are so many creative wedding blogs nowadays! Yesterday in particular, I was browsing through oh joy!'s blog for wedding inspiration. I think this is such a cute and simple cake topper idea, and these cakes are so chic and pretty.

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As I was browsing through the blog, by happenstance I stumbled upon her thoughts on marriage and relationships. It really hit home since wedding vows have been on my mind after meeting with our officiant recently. I couldn't agree more with her post. It is so thoughtful, genuine, and so eloquently put!

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Throughout the nine years {and counting} that we have been together, Danny and I have informally exchanged our personal vows to each other and it's pretty much along the same lines as Joy's ideas. Point # 2 (Love isn't the only thing that matters), Point #6 (Have your own friends) and Point #7 (Discuss money, religion, and politics) are all things we've come to an understanding with from an early stage in our relationship. We've also been living together for several years now (Point #5), and it has helped us learn so much about each other (and even ourselves). Sure, there were the initial inevitable roommate challenges ("I'm not sleepy yet, leave the TV on!" versus "I need to wake up early tomorrow and the TV is distracting -- turn it off!" ...and things of that nature) but we've learned to compromise and respect each others' habits and traits quickly.

We are still individuals with different interests and aspirations, but we make a great team. I know it's a bit cliché, but I'm so lucky and happy to be able to call my best friend my soon-to-be-hubby.

Mignon McLaughlin on successful marriages
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    1. Thanks! Your blog is very interesting! You capture the essence of your beautiful city.

  2. such cute cakes and cake toppers! i love the brooklyn bride (http://bklynbrideonline.com/) blog! so many cute ideas!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Jane! I'll check out the brooklyn bride today :)