our home tour: the living room {Halloween version}

My future mother-in-law bought this cute {but not too girly}kitchen towel for us to get into the Halloween spirit. She's so thoughtful :)

Her home is always so tastefully decorated with seasonal items and holiday related knick-knacks. We're not really the festive type, but she has inspired us to add a few holiday related decor into our home. Here's a little snippet of our holiday decor from our living room!



pumpkin tree.

a close-up look of the Halloween garland :)

Louie, our beagle, in front of our fireplace.

Yoda Lou!

I always wanted a classic, tufted chair when I was younger. My fiance surprised me with one and created this little reading nook when we first moved in.

reading nook. I love the oddly shaped pumpkin lantern.

"Shaun of the Dead" and Louie C.K. posters from Etsy. 

We wrapped our initials with yarn. Looks easy, right? It is, for the most part, until you start hitting corners. That's where it can get pretty tricky and time-consuming if you're "type A" like us. It's actually part of our wedding decoration! #DIYbride


Happy Halloween! xx

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  1. love this! i love the decorations and the pumpkin tree! what a great way to put up a small tree in october :) and i love what you did with the letters!

  2. Hi Cindy!

    We nominated you for a Liebster award on our blog Sister Style. Check out the details! Looking forward to your Liebster Award post.


    1. Thanks for the opportunity, Megan! I had fun :)