Halloween dogs

It's almost Halloween and I have been seeing a lot of *adorable* pets in costumes lately! Ahh, cuteness overload.

our beagle with Yoda ears :)

My friend entered her insanely cute corgis, Corgnelius & Stumphrey in a Halloween contest for PetCo. So dapper and clever! If you have a Facebook account, please vote for them :)

I recently became instagram friends with Jane and Piri. Piri looks like a stuffed animal {he is squeal-worthy cute}! Jane's most recent blog post introduced something called a snood, and ohmygoodness, how cute is this little guy?

Lastly, this made me laugh so hard. I actually handmade my version of the circus monkey costume for our beagle (based from entry #18) last year!

Also for the humans, why not be your favorite celeb? :)

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  1. thaank you for mentioning us! i'm so glad we met you too! i can't get enough of the yoda ears! i went to petsmart to look for them but couldn't find them. omg - we entered piri in some contest too with petco but this one looks different. or maybe i'm just hallucinating. the corgis are so so cute! buzzfeed made me laugh so hard! :)

    1. Hi Jane! The star wars gear (and toys) are available at petco :)

    2. duh. that's why i couldn't find them. i was wondering where everyone was getting them from! thanks for the tip! :)