bridal accessories #1: arm candy

I've always had in mind that I want to wear a necklace and a pair of earrings on the big day, but I didn't give much thought whether I'd adorn my arms or not. But it dawned on me that my arms would be the most exposed throughout the day so I feel like I should have some tasteful arm candy. 

I feel like a bracelet would be the safe way to go {and still add charm}, but lacy gloves are just so darling with a wedding dress! So I thought I'd share some of the items I am coveting this week.

First look, a vintage piece:

etsy shop: LuluSplendor

I've always had a soft spot for vintage beauties because it has that "one-of-a-kind" touch. The above bracelet in particular is so divine -- I love everything about it! Plus, it's a piece that I will be able to wear on special occasions even after our wedding. If I end up with this piece, I think I'd make it a point to wear it on our anniversary every year :)

Next, a bridal rhinestone bracelet....

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etsy shop: BellaCescaBoutique

These rhinestone bracelets are so beautiful. I think a lot of brides go towards this route because it's not too flashy or too understated and it adds a nice sparkle. I feel like this would be my #1 safe option.

What about a lace bracelet? It is reminiscent of the corsages that I used to wear for my high school dances, but on a much more delicate scale :)

etsy shop: WEDDINGHome

And finally, the lacy gloves...

ivory wedding glove, ivory, silver -embroidered lace gloves, cuff, Fingerless Gloves, bridal gloves, Free Ship
etsy shop: WEDDINGHome

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etsy shop: WEDDINGHome

ivory Wedding Gloves, ivory wedding gown, bridal gloves, Free Ship
etsy shop: WEDDINGHome

Aren't they so beautiful? :) I love them's so hard to decide!

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  1. it must be so hard to decide. but i love the vintage bracelets! love the first one!

    1. Thanks for your input, Jane! I love vintage pieces too :)