So Cal Garden Wedding

Garden Wedding

Our third option is a garden wedding. This type of wedding would require the most work and organization from us, since a lot of the decorations and favors will have to be DIY. It would also be the most traditional type of wedding with the most expensive tab. We would also need to find our own officiant and liability insurance. Just the thought of having to coordinate all this (along with the other usual things like guest list, table seating, music list, catering, etc.) makes my mind spin and my fingers tremble with anxiety.

However, there are always plus sides that are worth such troubles. For one thing, being married surrounded by nature is a very romantic idea! If the venue is well-manicured, then the decorations can be minimal, like big, round balloons instead of flowers, and simple herbs as centerpieces. Party favors can be a s'mores kit if the venue offers a fire pit, or a simple candy station. Another great thing about a garden wedding is that depending on the venues, pets are allowed :) This is a huuuuge plus for us since our beagle is an important part of our lives, and I would love to walk with her down the aisle. 

It's been difficult for us to decide which type of wedding we should have, since all three choices are appealing in their own ways. The most important thing that we have to keep reminding ourselves is to do what's best for us. Hopefully we'll make our decision soon!


update: this is the route we decided on! :)

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  1. Hi! Love the garden idea esp because your cute beagle could participate. The idea of him in a lil' dog tux is so cute!! On the other hand, the Beverly Hills courthouse followed by a reception (maybe even brunch at a meal if the day) is very sex and the city...thus, has its own charm. Good luck and congrats!

    -Megan (

    1. Aw, thanks Megan! We were actually THIS close to going with the garden wedding (this year) might have to be put off yet again due to certain circumstances. *le sigh* So, we may just go with the BH courthouse and have a fun reception. I hate this whole process if you haven't noticed already, haha.