Owl Amigurumi

Owl Amigurumis!

I tried to teach my friend how to crochet an owl amigurumi. She has never crocheted before. It took us nearly 6 Tuesday nights to complete these little guys! Granted, we were having a great time, debriefing on our week and watching a few of our favorite shows during this time...which can cut down the actual amount of time we actually spent crocheting. :P 

Through this process, it truly set in that I am a great student but a horrible teacher. The only thing that worked in my favor was that I was able to provide my friend with youtube clips and cheat-sheets that would explain various crochet terms better than I ever could. I am so glad that my friend was patient with my horrible, sometimes confusing instructions. In the end, we're happy with our results! Mine is the larger, orange/turquoise owl, and my friend's is the more petite, brown/tan owl.

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