Daily Reminders

When life gets complicated and stressful (work, commute/traffic, daily "to-do" lists, wedding planning, etc.),  I take a moment to spend some much needed quality time with our beagle to forget about my worries, even for a little bit. Being with her reminds me of the three simple things that I should always keep in mind to change my perspective. Life is too short to stay unhappy.

Step 1: Enjoy the small things in life (like gnawing on a rope, in her case).

Step 2. Relax and hang out with your BFF.

Step 3: Laugh and/or smile often.

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Hi there! My husband and I are newlyweds ♥ We adopted our beagle, Louie, in 2011. This blog allows me to chronicle our lives together as a family. Thank you for stopping by! WWW.KIDGRANNY.BLOGSPOT.COM


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