Eaton Canyon Hike

This past weekend, my friend and I spent some much needed quality time together and explored Eaton Canyon in Altadena, CA. They allow dogs on the hike, so my beagle tagged along. It was her first time experiencing water (other than baths), so I was really curious to find out her reaction-- she loved it! She was cautious at first when she came across a stream, but splish-splashed her way across with ease. I was a proud mama. After about an hour and a half, we came to the end of the hike and had a zen moment with the waterfall (even amidst all of the crowd). The trail itself is not too strenuous, but you will most likely have to cross several streams to get to the waterfall (the main attraction), so it can be a bit challenging (but fun!). I definitely recommend this trail. A friendly tip-- bring a towel and flip flops and leave them in your car. I was so glad I did :)

Before the hike (excited).

Curious beagle.


We made it!

Eaton Canyon waterfall

After the hike (pooped).

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