Circus Monkey

With this heat wave, it's hard to believe we are just 2 weeks away from Halloween! It's our first year spending Halloween with our beagle. I've been itching to get her into a costume but it is really difficult to find dog costumes that are 1) cute, without being too girly (i.e. frou frou tutus and such) and 2) worth the money. It was actually point 2 (worth the money) that road-blocked my search, especially because I didn't want to spend $$$  if she felt uncomfortable wearing the costume.

The fiance and I finally came to an agreement that this costume below was the one! See below. I love that the model dog is a beagle too (with such a cute face!!).

The best price tag I found was about $30 plus tax and S&H. My mind was going wishy-washy ("Should I buy it?" "But what do I do after Halloween is over? Is it a waste?")...

So what did I do? I decided I'd use it as inspiration and create my own! It's not as cute/funny as the original costume but it will do! Here is my version below:

The circus monkey was crocheted. The pattern can be found here. I used felt for the blue rug. Happy hauntings! :)

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  1. omg! sugoi chooo kawaii!!! you're like an amigurumi expert now! you gotta teach me how to make one ;)

    chinamini im gonna be hello kitty this
    haven't worn any costumes in decades but we're having a halloween potluck at work and everyone's dressing up, so I actually bought the hello kitty kigurumi online and had my mom send it over from Japan lolz
    sugoi desho lol demo kawaii noo-!

    1. Thank you!! Henji okureta-- (again) LOL. I have been sick for almost a week and my eyes have been chikachika (o.O) so I haven't checked anything online in some time, including my own blog.

      Aww how cute! I love Hello Kitty :)Shashin ippai tottene! I wanna see > v <