To All Dog Lovers

Over the weekend, the boyfriend & I watched a compelling HBO documentary called "One Nation Under Dog." It is a documentary that explores the complicated and unwavering story behind our relationship with dogs. I understand this film isn't for everyone, but as dog lovers, we were truly moved by this film. My heart dropped to the floor when I saw a beagle just like our pup in part 3 of the film, "betrayal." I am so happy that we were able to save our pup from the shelter. She has brought so much joy into our lives.

I'll take an excerpt from the Tribeca Film synopsis page since they have explained the film to the tee:

"We're a nation of dog lovers, but unfortunately there are not enough of us to go around. Each year, millions of dogs are abandoned, and more than 4 million are euthanized. This heartfelt documentary explores the conflicted and passionate relationships we have with dogs, inspiring us to rethink how we treat them. Following three separate storylines by different filmmakers, One Nation Under Dog explores the lengths people will go for their furry friends."

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