Sixth Annual AltCar Expo

Last Saturday, Danny and I went to the Santa Monica Sixth Annual AltCar Expo. The event is meant to spread the word about alternative transportation vehicles and to promote eco-friendliness. We were initially interested in the plug-in Prius, and wanted to know the difference and value comparison between a regular Prius and a plug-in Prius. Personally, I didn't learn too much of a difference between the two, so to save money, I would opt for a regular Prius (it saves enough money on gas compared to most cars). The rep for the Prius at the expo didn't offer much help, so perhaps I don't have all the ins & outs for the details of the comparison. Regardless, as we test drove a few other cars, it got us thinking that perhaps the Prius is overrated.

The Nissan Leaf - electric car (no need for gas, meaning no oil changes! Only once a year maintenance check-up required. Plus, a complimentary 3 years roadside assistance is included). The Leaf is built to run 100 miles on a single charge.

Gas vs electricity price comparison.

A full battery charge can take up to 7 hours.

Inside the hood.

We test drove two other cars-- the Chevy Volt and the Mercedes F-cell. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to take photos of these two vehicles, but if you do a google search, you will find various images for both cars. The Volt felt the heaviest compared to the Leaf and the F-cell, but it looked the most like a "normal" car. It uses both an electric source and a gas engine, like a Prius. The base model comes with a dvd player in the front of the cabin, which only turns on when the car is turned off (due to safety reasons). I think this would be handy for the boyfriends and hubbies that would have to wait in the car while the girlfriend or wife is doing a "quick" shopping spree at the mall. We all know that there is never a "quick" retail therapy, so you might as well enjoy a movie in the car while you wait. 

The F-cell is powered by an electric motor and its only emission is hydrogen, making it super eco-friendly. It is complemented with a start-stop system so that the car charges when you are in an idle mode when you are say, stuck in traffic. The F-cell rep advised that it is available for lease for about $850 a month, and this includes collision insurance, maintenance, and fuel charges. 

Currently, hybrid and plug-in incentives & rebates are available, which could potentially rack up to approximately $10K in savings in California, while funding is available. If I didn't purchase my car a year and a half ago, I certainly would purchase one of these hybrid cars. It only makes sense since gas prices keep increasing...

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