3650 Days

My hubby and I are still newlyweds, but we have been together for over 10 years now. That's more than 3650 days!

In honor of our tenth anniversary together, I'd like to share a little background information on us, and the story of his proposal.  Hope you enjoy reading :)

About us:
Cindy has always been a home-body with a passion for crafting. Her current medium of choice is yarn. She appreciates mid-century architecture and classic, timeless design. Her favorite movie and book genre is psychological-thriller, but she also loves dead-pan, quirky comedies and cartoons. She is completely smitten with their beagle, Louie. She enjoys stumbling into small boutiques and fairs to find vintage accessories and curiosities.

Danny has always had a passion for sports, especially basketball. Cookies are his weakness. His favorite movie genre is sci-fi and action, but he also loves witty, quirky comedies. He treats his TV like he would a friend. He enjoys shooting hoops with his friends, hiking on trails, and watching Harry Potter and re-runs of Home Alone during the holidays.

Cindy and Danny met in the summer of 2004 at their workplace.

They consider themselves to not only be partners, but best friends as well. They share the same values and outlook on life, and have a positive influence on one another. They adopted their beagle, Louie, in the fall of 2011. 

The proposal:
When we first moved into Danny’s grandmother’s home, we decided to paint a few rooms as an easy DIY make-over. For our master bedroom, we painted one wall with chalkboard paint. We always talked about how we would utilize the wall (leave notes, draw silly things, etc.) but it remained blank and unused for nearly a year.

On August 28, 2012, the wall remained as dark and bare as the days past. We were celebrating our 8th year anniversary that day. Since it fell on a weekday, we decided to have a nice dinner out and keep it low-key. 

Earlier during the day, Louie, our beagle, was driven by the hungry monster inside her stomach, and somehow managed to jump and climb on top of the kitchen counter and stealthily gobbled up two chocolate-stuffed croissants. Since we knew that chocolate is poisonous for dogs, we were worried about her. I (Cindy) thought about cancelling dinner reservations, but Danny's parents were kind enough to dog-sit Louie at our home while we were out.

After we came home, Danny's parents were waiting by the door and asked if I could take her outside to do her business. Danny quietly walked inside the house. After I took care of Louie, Danny's parents were waiting for me by the door and hastily said their good-byes and left. It was unusual for them to rush home without chatting with us for a bit, but I figured that they wanted to get some rest. After I closed the front door, Danny took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom. I gasped at the entrance. The plain chalkboard wall was transformed into something so special. It was adorned with colorful hearts with a question I had been waiting from Danny for years: “Will you marry me?”! He got down on one knee and popped the question, as Louie came bustling into the room. We laughed, smiled, and hugged – and of course, I said “I do!”

As a side note…Louie is totally healthy! We’ve learned from our mistake and will never leave food out, even if it seems like it would be impossible for her to reach.


National Dog Day

In honor of National Dog Day, I shared photos and stories of the other pups that my family and I have been lucky enough to have in our lives with Louie. All of these dogs have made an impact on our lives, and we have learned so much from them. They gave us such joy, and of course we were struck with utter sadness when they left us. 

Great, a Yorkie, was my mother's dog. I actually never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I've heard so many stories about him growing up. He was her companion, and always waited patiently by the door until she was done with class. He warmed her feet as she studied in her room. He sat in her bicycle basket as she peddled across town to see her friends. My mother loved him, and he loved her back tenfold. 

My husband's family brought home Kumi, a Yellow Lab, when she was just a few weeks old. Danny's sister had longed for a puppy for so long, their mom agreed to welcome a dog into her home, although she was very fearful of dogs. Kumi was initially supposed to be an outside dog, but the more time Danny's family spent with her, the more she became a true family member and not "just a pet." Kumi quickly became the youngest daughter to Danny's mom, and her playful, yet gentle attitude brought lots of laughter and countless joy to their home for nearly a decade. She has a lot of similar qualities as Louie, so we always tell her how great of friends they would've been.

Skye was half Afghan and half Belgium Shepherd. I was volunteering at a pet adoption during my senior year in high school, and my sister came to pick me up. My sister and I noticed a rather strange man pushing a cart with about 4 to 5 puppies across the room. I was a bit apprehensive to approach him, but the cuteness of the puppies was so powerful, I walked over to him and asked if we could pet them. The one he handed over was Skye, and we couldn't NOT take him home! So we paid the man a small fee for the shots he already had the puppies take, and came home with a puppy. Skye was my sister's baby, but he held a great presence in our home. He had an air of regalness about him (must have been the Afghan side of him) and he didn't care about treats or toys. He loved being brushed (which was a must anyway), but he hated baths. He didn't learn how to bark or howl until he was 6 months old. Although he was not very tough, he was always protective of dogs smaller than him at the dog park. 

Louie never had the chance to meet any of these dogs, but I'm certain they would've been the best of friends. She would've fit right in with Great as a cuddlebug, enjoyed an eating contest with Kumi, and would've brokered a deal by taking a bath in Skye's place in exchange for his treats and toys. Each of them hold a special place in my heart, and I am so glad I was able to share their stories with Louie today. 


Dog beach

How was your weekend?

Ours was relaxing, which was just what my mind & body needed :) On Saturday morning, my husband came to wake me up, and as a pleasant surprise, he prepared breakfast (a delicious one at that!) AND already fed and walked Louie! I asked him what our plans were for that day, and he suggested that we head over to a dog beach so that all of us can cool down. So we did just that. Louie seemed to enjoy it, and seeing her like that always makes us happy!

You got some sand on your nose, Lou!

An entry for the sand sculpture competition
An entry for the sand sculpture competition
Kite flying lessons
All tuckered out after a fun day at the beach!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend :) Here's to another week ahead!


Summer 2014

How has your summer been thus far? Mine has been super busy at work, and laid back at home. I think that's a good balance.

We've been hanging out with our friends, cleaning up the house, and trying summer recipes. It's also been a very humid summer in Los Angeles this year, so my sinus allergies have been killing me lately. Here are some photos from this past week. 

Ikea hack: using our old spice rack as vases for our air plants. 

A good friend of mine gifted a muskrat skull because she knows I am obsessed with skulls.

Stay Home Club with Louie

recent purchases from our local farmer's market: basil, heirloom tomatoes, and various loose leaf teas.


Baby sandals

My friend's due date is fast approaching...She is having baby #3, and it's a girl!  I crocheted these pink baby sandals for her little girl. I followed the pattern from This Lovely Life. I hope she likes them!


Our Mini Moon: San Francisco

My husband and I went on a mini-moon to San Francisco recently! San Francisco is interesting because there are so many different neighborhoods with totally different vibes within very close distance of one another (this frank & funny article kinda sums it up). 

First up, we had to satisfy our seafood cravings so we headed to Fisherman's Wharf. We ate steamed clams at Lou's while we waited for a table to open up at Scoma's. Luckily, the table at Scoma's opened up as soon as we grabbed the check for Lou's! At Scoma's, I had a lobster bisque, seared tuna, and tiramisu & my husband had the clam chowder, seared scallops, and brownies with vanilla ice cream. Yum! 

The next day, we ventured out to the California Academy of Sciences! We actually really wanted to go to their Thursday NightLife {learn mixology at the aquarium with the DJ playing? Don't mind if we do!}, but we missed it. It was still loads of fun during the day but it was so crowded.

Claude, the albino alligator! He was so still, I thought he was a marble sculpture at first. 
As part of the skull exhibit, we came across this display of various dog skulls based on their breed. They didn't have a beagle skull, but we're guessing Lou's skull would be about the same size as a jack russell terrier, the small one on the top center row.

On another day, we trekked out to Haight Street. Our main focus was to visit Loved to Death, a store that is featured on Oddities San Francisco on the Science Channel:)

We also went on a brief walking tour around the Financial District. We learned quite a few interesting facts, like how historians have been able to locate ships from the 1800s still buried deep underground. Those ships were used by early settlers, but were abandoned due to the Gold Rush.

We also learned that San Francisco's historic buildings have strict codes. If there is a proposal to make an addition to an existing historic building, the addition must be distinctly different (e.g. round columns versus rectangular columns, etc.) and it must not touch the existing building. The reason is so that it can easily be distinguished in case the addition needs to be demolished, and the original building must remain untouched. 
So back in the 60's these homes were apparently made for a low-income household. Fast forward to today-- a small studio room has been listed for approximately $3K a month! A 2 bedroom rental here can cost you about $5~$6K a month, supposedly! 

We had a lovely time, but our hearts belong to L.A. There's no place like home. I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


We Do: The Reception, part 3

Did you enjoy the 4th of July weekend? I did -- I really needed that break! Life's been pretty hectic for me lately, and I just needed some time to unwind. The husband & I enjoyed going to the dog park, going to our favorite lighthouse, and relaxing in general.

Posts about our wedding should be coming to an end soon. In case you missed it, I'm continuing from We Do: The Reception part 1 and part 2. Today I'm going to focus on the fun stuff we had goin' on at our wedding -- like the bouquet toss, cake cutting, s'mores, etc.

Bouquet toss {by the way...I changed out of my bridal dress after our first dance! Right after we were engaged, I had envisioned that we would have a very small wedding at a courthouse and this is the dress I planned to wear for the big day. It hung neatly in my closet for over a year and I decided the week before our wedding that it would make a special appearance on the big day. I bought it at a vintage shop in Los Angeles. Oh, and fun fact: my friend is carrying Louie as part of the "single ladies" crew. Can you spot her?}:

So we have a funny story about our cake cutting experience. We never really paid attention to other couples cutting the cake {usually there are always photographers swarming the couple at this time}, so when it came time to cutting our own, we didn't know where to cut. We asked the coordinator and our photographer next to us where we should cut, but I guess they couldn't hear us...So we said, "Oh well! Let's just cut into the first tier." {oops} Haha. I guess we should've known better. We took the first tier home with us and it's in the freezer now for our first year anniversary, but it's been partially cut already.

S'mores station:

We also had some brave people on the dance floor! Needless to say, I have two left feet so I did not partake in this activity, haha. Dancing for me is only reserved in the dark, preferably alone.

We had the wedding of our dreams thanks to our friends and family. It was a day full of smiles and laughter. Love you, mean it! xo.

Photo credit: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography (