Louie, the Tomboy & Other Dogs

I think dogs (and animals in general) are so darn funny and adorable. Like the photo above of Louie -- she sits so lazy sometimes and it cracks me up! So unladylike of her, but oh well! We raised her like a tomboy so she's bound to act like one.

My soon to be mother in law sent me this video for a Subaru commercial competition, and I thought it was humorous and oh-so-adorable! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)


Bridesmaids' Gifts

My bridesmaids deserve the best, so I searched and searched until I found the perfect gifts to give to them at the bridal luncheon! I thought about buying them each personalized items, but after much thought, I decided to buy them all of the same accessories so that they look uniform and tied together for the photos (especially since their dresses aren't matching).

I bought each of them a white pashmina shawl handmade in Turkey (so soft!!) and a custom-maid locket style pendant with real, preserved wild flowers. I also included a mini sewing kit for the day of, in case of emergencies.

The locket style pendant includes blue forget me not flowers and yellow baby's breath that the jeweler picked up. The color scheme and the scale of the flowers mattered a lot to me, but I also really like the meaning behind these flowers. A florist had informed me that forget me not flowers symbol remembrance and good luck, and are also representative of love, fond memories, and hope. Baby's breath is supposed to represent innocence.

I really like the delicate lace trimming on the white pashmina shawls. I've been searching everywhere to find a good quality shawl without fringes and realized I just had to take a chance and order from abroad in Turkey. I was worried that it might get lost in transit and/or it would take forever to be shipped, but the the seller was very prompt and professional and I was worry-free once I placed the order. I actually like this shawl so much, I ordered a pastel yellow one for myself :)

bridal luncheon 03.30.14

This past Sunday, my bridesmaids (sans one of them who is currently in Ohio...we miss her!) threw a bridal luncheon for me :) My bestie/maid-of-honor made a mini crown with a veil for me to wear for the day, and my sisters brought me balloons in my wedding color scheme.

We noshed on yummy and healthy entrees, like the seared ahi tuna salad, and sipped on mimosas. My sisters shared their marriage advice, and my two friends shared some of their experiences from past weddings they've attended. The funniest topic we talked about was how incredibly difficult it is to go to the restroom with a wedding gown on (depending on the type of gown)! My sisters also told me I should eat before the ceremony, as I probably won't have much time to eat on our wedding day because I will be busy tending to something else (thanking guests, talking to vendors, dancing, taking photos, etc., etc.). Maybe we'll have to order room service after the wedding!

And of course we shared dessert! A bittersweet chocolate mousse with whipped cream & pecan brittle topping (on the left) and goat cheesecake with graham cracker streusel & fresh berries (on the right). So heavenly!

It was a great opportunity for me to hand out their gifts as well! I'm glad they were pleased :) The girls have and continue to shower me with a ton of love and support throughout this entire process, so I tried my hardest to find the perfect gifts for them. I love each and every one of these girls, so much.

Oh, and I thought it was about time that I showed my face on my blog, so here I am! I'm taking a huge step {for me} because I am super paranoid about sharing photos of myself on the internet!


DIY: Mason Jar Table Numbers


Today I'm excited to share with you the DIY mason jar table numbers D & I assembled for our wedding over the weekend! It was easy-peasy & I love the way they turned out :)

  • table numbers printed on card stock (we used Elli's rustic lace table numbers)
  • skewers wrapped in green floral tape
  • mason jars (we used these)
  • moss (we used these)
  • battery operated LED tea lights
  • drill & drill bit

Step 1: Wrap the skewer with the green floral tape. Attach to the the printed table number. (not pictured)

Step 2: Drill a hole on the lid of the mason jar that is appropriate to the size of the skewer. (not pictured)

Step 3: Fill the mason jar 1/4 to 1/2 of the way with spanish moss.
Step 4: Turn on the LED tea light candle (only turn them on when in use...when in storage turn them off).
Step 5: Place the LED tea light candle in the mason jar. Close the lid.

Step 6. Stick the table number skewer into the hole that you drilled earlier and voila! There you have it :) Make as many as you need for your table setting. It's hard to tell in these photos, but in real life these LED tea light candles flicker like real candles, so it makes it even prettier!


All you need is love

How was your weekend? D & I were very productive this weekend -- we crossed off a bunch of things from our wedding to-do list :) We made our DIY table numbers, finished our photo booth props, made a "Thank You" banner, and stamped our cookie bags! I wrapped up my bridesmaids' gifts but I still need to write my thank you cards for them. We also sent in our application for our marriage license. Things are getting official!


it's just one of those days

It's officially the midst of the busiest season for me, work wise. I'm usually pretty lax, but I've caught myself getting frustrated and being short with people lately {sorry if you've been a victim to my wrath lately!}. I don't like this side of myself, so I need to snap out of it and learn to meditate effectively!

I thought about taking vitamins and/or supplements to balance my stress level temporarily, but I came across Yogi's Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea and it has actually eased my tension {even if it's for a brief moment} and it's tasty! :) I highly recommend this product! I also take brisk walks & enjoy some "me" time during my lunch breaks. Listening to songs I like on Pandora also helps me throughout the day. Looking at photos of Louie during my breaks also helps put a smile on my face :)

How do you cope with stress at work?



My future in-laws recently came back from Oahu, Hawaii and brought me back these goodies! I firmly told them to just enjoy the trip and to not worry about bringing us back anything, but they sweetly rebelled against my request. They told me there was a pet store there dedicated to selling all sorts of goods for specific breeds. My almond eyes turned into hearts as soon as I saw the kitchen towel and the coin purse (beagles galore!).  The other item is a snow cone Christmas ornament. So cute :)


Seeing their photos & hearing their stories made me miss Hawaii...It's been over five years since we were there last. I wouldn't mind retiring there, as cliche as it may sound :)